Mairdi call center headsets and telephone headsets provide quality audio with simplified and convenient design

It’s best to offer a variety of different types of headsets to ensure that every employee is comfortable. The skype headsets we offer cooperate with this popular software just perfectly, ensuring much freedom to the user. Professional single-ear headsets with advanced IP electronics. Loud noise can be very common in a call center. Mairdi call center headsets and telephone headsets provide quality audio with simplified and convenient design. Using the wrong headsets can actually lead to hearing loss for your employees. Test the headsets before you buy them to ensure that you’re getting the best audio quality for your budget. Busy call centers are often noisy due to the fact that many different employees are talking on the phone at once. Noise-canceling microphones are also important in noisy call centers. This helps the customers to clearly hear the employees without any distracting call center chatter. Each call headset we made is perfectly adjusted to conditions of a call centre, a customer service office and a telemarketing company. Since headsets are used for up to 40 hours a week, normal wear and tear can cause them to break over time. Poor quality headsets can also lead to acoustic shock, a condition caused by sudden, brief bursts of very loud sound. Make sure the headsets you choose provide high quality audio both through the headphones and the microphones. Supervisors may require monaural headsets so that they can focus on speaking to employees while also having the ability to take calls when needed. Choosing the right headsets for a call center is a complex decision. However, supervisors may need wireless headsets so that they can take calls while they’re walking around the office helping their employees. Whether headsets should be binaural (two earpieces) or monaural (one earpiece) depends on a few different factors. If your employees need the freedom to get up and walk around the office while on the phone, wireless headsets will work best. Research shows that the productivity of call center employees is directly related to the equipment provided to them and their level of comfort. Poor quality headsets can cause problems in other ways. It also leads to frustrated, annoyed customers who may not call back. Read reviews and use your industry contacts to learn which headsets will last a long time and which ones will break easily. You want to make sure they’re comfortable in their headsets so that they can deliver the best possible service to your customers.

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